Can I Look Good in a Sheer Bra If I Have Saggy Breasts?

sheer braAgainst the popular fear, you should not avoid sheer bras if you are a woman with saggy breasts. It is not true that sheer bras will only look good on women with firm silicon implants. The shape of the breasts and your body built determine the most comfortable and best looking bra style right for you, however it does not play a huge role when it comes to choosing the bra fabric.

Underwires are crucial in keeping the right shape of your breasts in a bra. The bra underwires position each breast and keep them in one place. Therefore, if you are about to wear a sheer or lace bra, avoid bralettes – they have no underwires.

Sheer full coverage bras are the bras that you will find best fitting. The fabric of a full coverage bra will cover the entire breast and compress the excessive breast skin creating visually fuller and firmer bust.

You may also consider sheer balconette bra which gives excepionally sexy look. Balconette bras have shorter underwires compensated by supportive vertical seam in the middle of each cup. The vertical seam gives extra suppport creating a bit of a push up effect.

The sheer bra in the right size can make miracles. If you choose the bra that is not too big and not too small, you will definitely not find your breast hanging loose in it. Here you can find tips on how to choose the right bra size.

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