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Where Your Bra Should Sit Flat On Your Chest

good fitting bra

Bra sitting flat on chest

Your bra should sit flat against your chest, if this is not the case you may want to look into why this is happening. One common complaint from women who are wearing the wrong size bra is the bra does not lie flat between the breasts. If there is an underwire in the bra this can cause it to poke forward. This can be very uncomfortable. There are a number of different reasons for this problem to occur, one of the main problems is women are not wearing the right size bra.

The center of the bra should sit flat against your chest if is does not the first thing you should check is your cup size.  If you cup is too small this can cause the bra to be stretched tightly over your breast causing the bra to be raised.  If the cup size is too large, it will cause the fabric of your bra to wrinkle.

If changing the size of your bra cup does not work to help your bra lie flat on your chest you may want to take a look at the style bra you are wearing.   Women come in all shapes and sizes and not all styles work on all bodies.  Maybe an underwire bra is not for you.  Not every woman’s breast are the same shape as an underwire.  Looking at other options like a sports bra may be beneficial and a lot more comfortable for you.

For some body types, it is almost impossible to find an underwire bra that will be perfectly flat. Some busty women have very round, full breasts that are close together. Because this body type usually needs to wear bras with full coverage cups, the firm underwire will not have enough room between the cups to lie flat. Petite women with large breasts will also have difficulty finding an underwire bra that will lie flat between the breasts.

If you are uncomfortable in your bra take some time and shop to find a size and style that works for your body type.  There is nothing worse then spending the day in a ill fitting bra!

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