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As many different men visit Lacy Hint store, I am always open to know what they need and look for. Especially when it comes to sexy and silky or sheer bras. And when it comes to bras for men, this is a challenge, as not many brands offer a well fitting underwire silky bra that will not need any breast forms to look good. So, here I had this customer, a man who measured 42 in band and hopelessly tried to find silky satin underwire bras for men in cup B. For men who wear breast forms it is typically easier to find big band sizes that fit... Read More »

This story is about one of my returning customers and her recent purchase of perfectly fitting lace full coverage bra. I met this woman as a first time customer not so long ago when after short time spent in the fitting room she ended up buying two sheer lace bra sets in size 36DDD. She looked very classy in her well fitted knee long dress and neatly combed hair. After quick measuring in the fitting room I was surprised she used to buy bras in sizes 36D or 36DD. As a woman with breasts after breast enhancemeant plastic surgery, it is hardly believable that her bra size fluctuates as natural breasts... Read More »

Daisy Grey and Pink Lace Push up Bra What if you were a woman with a bra size 32DD (and you just found out why a 34D felt so uncomfortable on you) with a breast skin that already lost some elasticity. You have medium size extra skin under the armpit and as many women after 40, you do not really wear a push up bra. It is not an easy task. Women with 32DD cup and full and firm breast will easily be happy with any non-padded or sheer bra, but DD cup does not automatically mean all the busts look the... Read More »

This customer was an about 5’2 woman with a big bust and small hips. Many times women with very small bottom and slim waist, and quite an impressive big bust size have trouble finding best looking and fitting bra for their body type. You would go for a smaller band size as the waist and overall body size can play with your mind. And it wasn’t different in this case. Optically it was hard to believe this woman’s band size can be as big as 34, as she stated. Nevertheless I adore my tape measure and ALWAYS use it first and do not try to figure the size... Read More »

Bra size G an H are the bra sizes that seem to be in higher demand than ever. No, it is not because women’s breasts get bigger nowadays. The reason is striking – most of the small bra stores and bra boutique owners are trained in professional bra fitting. That helps to pick the proper bra size for each woman. If you shop in such places, you get the opportunity to take time and be well measured for the right fitting bra. From my bra fitting experience it also looks like many women who come to the store wearing a bra cup D or DD, should actually go up by 2 or 3 cup... Read More »

After another busy and exciting day spent with women in the fitting room, I have decided to write a bit more on the loose bra subject. Since the era of women realizing what causes major discomfort in wearing a bra has just started, it is never enough to talk on the subject. Some information needs to be repeated over and over for women to come across this info online or actually to start thinking seriously about this everyday problem. When a bra band is too loose… Every day, more and more I see women walking to the fitting room warning me, that they do not want a tight bra, they want it to feel loose, as they hate to feel the... Read More »

Bra fitting can be a real challenge if you do it by yourself. Maybe that is why many women who come to my store dislike bra shopping in large malls like Nordstrom, where you can find many styles of not so many sizes and nobody to help in a fitting room. We can’t be experts in everything we do, so in a bra shop you should always be able to count on personal approach, advise and some bra fitting suggestions from the experienced and patient assistant. When first and usual concern is about the proper bra size, there are other delicate aspects of bra fitting, that women seem not to be aware... Read More »

We all know the feeling when we get home wearing an uncomfortable bra and can’t wait to just reach back and unhook the clasp on our bra and let the breasts out of the day long constraint or even pain. It does not have to be that way. Many women suffer from what I call “misfit syndrome”.  A simple lesson in fitting a bra properly can solve all the issues. If you buy a beautiful pair of shoes and the size is not right you would be complaining too. That’s why you should always make sure that they are the right... Read More »

Lets talk about Palm Beach lingerie stores. Its not a coincidence that lingerie stores open in areas, where women are looking for a great deal and always want to look good. Palm Beach County is a very predominant area, where women have the sophistication to purchase items that are unique and of the top shelf. Palm Beach County caters to a wide variety of women who are wealthy and those who are not. In conjunction to that statemeant, retail stores have to find a balance of carrying exclusive stuff at affordable prices. When you look at other areas of the country with a ratio of population and the amount of stores catering to women, you will find the Palm Beach County is littered with small... Read More »

Let’s face it girls, things get hot and moist when the sun is shining and we are active. We are alone in this situation and men can’t comprehend the feeling and the struggle that we have to face everyday when it’s hot outside. There is nothing worse than to feel moist underwear pressed tightly up against our soft and delicate skin. But wait, there is a solution. Lingerie designers know your pain and they came out with an idea of a sheer bra. Many women still think that a sheer bra is for showing off or simply it’s an eye candy gift for our loved... Read More »

Pamela Balconette Bra – best fitting for most types of breasts. Balconette bras are one of the most sought after bra styles, but it is hard to find the one that will give you the absolute comfort in wearing and desired uplifting feature. Once you know the bra brand that makes them with the highest quality fabrics and perfect design, you should stick to it. Lacy Hint carries balconette bras of two top quality European designer brands: Ines Sheer Balconette Bra – best fitting suggestion for women with “not so full” breasts. Wiesmann Lingerie and Gorsenia Lingerie. Wiesmann specializes in sheer balconette bras with unique patterns and colors, both as basic and limited... Read More »

As we all know or should know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We all know someone or know of someone that has been touched by breast cancer. It is never a story that is bearable to hear. The amount of physical and psychological pain a woman with breast cancer has to endure requires nearly superpower strengths. Each year in United States over 220, 000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life and over 40,000 will die before their time. THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO!!! A easy way to lower the rates of victims of this terrible disease is to be aware of its existence and encouragemeant of others and yourself to get tested... Read More »

Samba Pink Balconette Bra by Gorsenia Lingerie is not a bra that stays on lingerie store shelves for too long. It is simply too unique to be missed by women craving that sexy lift and support. Samba has already arrived from Europe as limited edition in limited quantities. Lacy Hint carries this exceptional style in cups D, DD and DDD to satisfy full busted women in need of colorful lingerie. Flirt, glamour and D+ comfort – Samba Pink Balconette Bra is made for women looking for that unique, fresh look and sex appeal. Not very often I can find a bra that with good design and proportions can offer the style in so many vibrant... Read More »