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Sexy lingerie, especially sexy bras and panties define woman’s self-confidence and the way she feels all day long. Women around the world are experiencing this phenomena and Canada is a place where women know how to take care of themselves. Although our Lingerie store is located in South Florida we see a fair share of Canadian snow-birds visiting our store. I hear it constantly that a quality lingerie is a must for a sophisticated look and I could not agree more. Every woman should feel great and putting on a pretty soft lace lingerie in the beginning of the day should be a daily ritual that should not be forgotten.

As many other large sized countries Canada is fruitful where it comes to the choice of lingerie stores that carry beautifully made bras and panties. Although the selection is big many women turn to shopping online especially when companies offer special online discounts, promotions and most attractive feature which is free shipping. I took some time to research and managed to put together some recommendations of lingerie stores that are the leaders in the Canadian lingerie market.

La Vie En Rose

When you look for more of an upscale touch and some prestige this store will do it for you. This Canadian upscale lingerie store caters to those that like nice lace bustiers, elegant silk underwear, classy garter belts and nighties that guarantee the satisfaction you deserve. This stores attitude is enticing and not to be overlooked in your search for nice lingerie pieces. Their website is


If you are looking for a large collection of unique pieces of lingerie that’s more of an adventure than every day wear. This store has a great collection of fun stuff made out of leather or lingerie for the male counterpart. This stores pieces are rare finds and not sold in many lingerie stores. Head on over to to experience the other side of fun.

Forever Yours Lingerie

This lingerie store is stocked with beautiful bras and panties that are made for most sized women. Their styles give a woman the sophisticated look and feeling of being appreciated as a woman. It is a great place to visit when you are looking for an everyday bra that accents your beauty. These bras are made for the woman in mind and not only for the bedroom. Visit their website at and let me know what you think.

La Senza

La Senza is located in Dorval, Quebec a store that specializes in cute Push Up Bras, sexy lingerie and all kind of panties such as Brazilians, Cheekies, Hipsters, Hiphuggers, etc. make sure to look at their Mix and match section where you can find great deals on panty selections. Their website is at When I looked at their site it had a free shipping offer which is always a plus.

Eye Kandee Lingerie

If you are in Vancouver and you are looking for something luxurious and unusual Eye Kandee Lingerie is a sure destination for you. This lingerie store carries Bras, Plus Sized Bras, Panties, Swimwear, etc. It is family owned and the couple that owns the store care about their customers well-being. Other than standard lingerie you can also purchase stuff that’s more on the risqué side like Mini Dresses and bedazzled micro thongs. Their website is at it is a great preview of what you can find when you get there.


A more of an adult place to visit, but it’s still worth meantioning in this post. This store stands out among its competition in its base city of Toronto. It is a more of an adventure destination that carries kinky products, bustiers, and all kinds of lingerie accessories. If you are an everyday woman that would blush at the sight of a vibrator this place is most likely not for you. But as a prop to this store they do have a huge selection of products that you can wear to wow your lover. See their website at and judge for yourself.

This lingerie store list consists of my top pics that are worth looking at. By no means is this list exhaustive and I do know that there are many more great places in Canada that dress Canadian women in the best sexy way they can. I’m looking forward to seeing your commeants and suggestions of the places that you found in Canada territory and I’m sure the rest of the readers would appreciate you sharing your Lingerie store finds.

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    • Silky White Lace Full Cup Bra - Zara
      Silky White Lace Full Cup Bra - Zara

      Classy and comfortable jacquard and lace full cup bra. Cups decorated with silky pattern, surrounded with top quality lace. The vertical cut offers better support for full busted women!

    •  Beige and Steel Blue Lace Push up Bra  - Silana
      Beige and Steel Blue Lace Push up Bra - Silana

      Elegant smooth light beige push up bra with pretty floral print in steel blue. Beautifully gathers breast in the middle and gives a moderate lift. The band made of classy elastic lace in the same shade of blue. Stylish embroidered bra straps.

    •  Light Grey Lace Push up Bra - Brigitte
      Light Grey Lace Push up Bra - Brigitte

      Stylish and top quality lace push up bra in extraordinary colors - grey with coral prints. Alluring decorative bow and grey elastic lace bra band.  The perfect design and removable padding create desired deep cleavage.