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You’ve probably been wearing a bra since a pre-adolescent and there are great chances that you have a favorite bra, a bra you wear whenever you need an extra bit of good luck and it is also very likely that you know that wearing that black satin and lacy bra will turn him on. However, have you ever wondered what a bra is? What is a bra? A Bra: Defining a Classic Piece of Underwear A bra, short form of brassiere, is a form-fitting underwear item that women wear in order to support their breasts. Along time it has become a social norm _especially in Western countries, for women to wear bras on a daily... Read More »

Plus size women usually find it hard to find clothes that flatter them and make them look elegant, nice and glamorous. Even though there are several brands that design clothes for this type of woman, the truth is that it can be stressing and disappointing for them to try on clothes after clothes without finding one they really like. Needless to say, buying a bra for a plus size woman is not easy either. If you need to purchase a bra for a plus size woman, then this guide will be really helpful. Hopefully, you’ll read it till the end and have a better purchase experience... Read More »

For many women, choosing the right lingerie piece from the wide variety of items available in any average lingerie store is not easy. However, it’s not a question of not finding the right fabric, texture, color or even style of lingerie they want: for some reason or other, whatever underwear item they buy doesn’t seem to look as natural and sexy on them as expected. If you feel identified with the above description and have a pile of only-once-worn lingerie items in your underwear drawer, then this article has come to your rescue. Have you considered that perhaps you are not choosing the best lingerie for your body... Read More »

Taking proper care of our lingerie items is essential in order to have them always in perfect wearing conditions. However, many of us do not know the basics of lingerie care and may easily make mistakes while washing them that may ruin their delicate fabric. Whether you’ve invested in some lovely lingerie for that special night or have bought a sports bra for your fitness sessions or have renovated your underwear drawer with some comfortable and practical underwear items, there are plenty of reasons why you can take advantage of the lingerie care tips we’ll share in this article. Taking good care of your lingerie is also important because it is a way of caring after your skin as well; your thongs and bras are the pieces of clothing that are closest to your skin and if you are unaware of proper lingerie care you may end up suffering from skin allergies or scratches on your skin from uncared zips or... Read More »

Most of you know in general what is a bra and what bra parts make a bra. But how many of you actually know, how many bra parts a bra consists of and what are the purposes of each part? As some bra stores already offer bra fitting services, most of them limit themselves to giving you an estimate of what is you bra size. When it comes to bra styles and their different bra parts, you are often on your own. You should know by now what bras fit you best right? But what if you never came across a style that is best possible for your body and breast... Read More »

Bra size G an H are the bra sizes that seem to be in higher demand than ever. No, it is not because women’s breasts get bigger nowadays. The reason is striking – most of the small bra stores and bra boutique owners are trained in professional bra fitting. That helps to pick the proper bra size for each woman. If you shop in such places, you get the opportunity to take time and be well measured for the right fitting bra. From my bra fitting experience it also looks like many women who come to the store wearing a bra cup D or DD, should actually go up by 2 or 3 cup... Read More »

There is a reason, why bras have 2-3 back bra hooks, placed in 2 to 4 rows to fasten your band. Multiple bra hooks are not there to pick frivolously which one you want when clasping your bra. First row, called the loosest adjustmeant is there to use at the momeant you buy the bra. Tighter adjustmeants are there to use after a while, when the bra band stretches during the course of its use. It is a great feature in bras to be able to wear a bra up to 6 months and still get the tightness you need for proper bust and back... Read More »

Bra extenders are little rectangular nylon accessories with hook and eye closures. They are manufactured to prolong the life of your bra – in theory. They are not meant to prolong the comfort you should have while wearing a bra. In fact, they get more bad reviews than any other lingerie accessory. Lets just straighten this out, why you shouldn’t buy them. Bra extenders are really an old school bra problem fix and as women become more conscious of what the bra is for and that it is not meant for suffering, they should not even consider them. If you ever looked for one, it was probably because somebody who never owned a comfortable, well fitted bra, told you bra extenders... Read More »

G-string and a Thong are very similar in design and this may cause some confusion in identifying these panty styles. They both expose your buttocks and they have a very similar cut. The idea of these two styles is not to look exposed but to minimize the panty lines when something is worn on top of them. Once you know the difference between them you will never mix the two again. G-string G-string panties G-string has a string going around your waist and down between your buttocks. The string is very thin so that when worn with a tight dress the string does not show... Read More »

Last pieces of recently discontinued Frida sheer balconette still available – click here! We all have been there before. We finally find our favorite bra we love and cherish, and the manufacturer decides to discontinue that particular style. There is only one upside to this situation that you are not alone. Unfortunately, you are also not part of majority that liked this particular bra style. Your favorite bra gets discontinued mainly because it has less demand than others on the production floor. The reason for its discontinuation can be that the bra did not sell well when compared to others or the manufacturer has depleted the inventory of certain... Read More »

What is a sports bra? Best qualities of a sports bra are that they are made to prevent the unnatural movemeant of the breast due to exercise activities. Many women turn to a sports bra because it makes us sure when we run, jump, and move during our exercise that the breasts are held in a comfortable position and that the bra absorbs all the possible shock that our exercise may create. By no means this bra can’t be confused with an wireless bra. Although a wireless bra and a sports bra have no underwire they are not the same. A sports bra is not made for the purpose of wearing it on daily basis even though it is comfortable and it may feel better than wired or wireless... Read More »

You bought a bra and it’s perfect, it lays on you like it’s made custom for you. You love the cut, the style, the pattern and there is nothing bad that you can say about it. BUT. When you wear it for more than an hour you start feeling discomfort on your shoulders.  The straps are not as comfortable as they were couple of hours ago. The reason can be that you have over adjusted your straps. Bra straps ideally adjusted Bra straps too tight Bra straps too loose Before I go in to explaining how to adjust the bra straps and what they are designed to do, let’s make sure that you bought a bra that was made with you in... Read More »

Very important question derives from women saying that they have a bra for a few years “is it still good?”. This statemeant can only be true if the bra has been worn few times per year. If the bra is used on daily basis, then there is no way it can last that long. There is no manufacturer that will recommend a bra for longer than 6 months and that’s speaking of the top quality bras. For bras that are made for quantity not quality, average lifespan is no longer than a month with frequent washing and no one wants to wear a dirty... Read More »

We all know the feeling when we get home wearing an uncomfortable bra and can’t wait to just reach back and unhook the clasp on our bra and let the breasts out of the day long constraint or even pain. It does not have to be that way. Many women suffer from what I call “misfit syndrome”.  A simple lesson in fitting a bra properly can solve all the issues. If you buy a beautiful pair of shoes and the size is not right you would be complaining too. That’s why you should always make sure that they are the right... Read More »

Pamela Balconette Bra – best fitting for most types of breasts. Balconette bras are one of the most sought after bra styles, but it is hard to find the one that will give you the absolute comfort in wearing and desired uplifting feature. Once you know the bra brand that makes them with the highest quality fabrics and perfect design, you should stick to it. Lacy Hint carries balconette bras of two top quality European designer brands: Ines Sheer Balconette Bra – best fitting suggestion for women with “not so full” breasts. Wiesmann Lingerie and Gorsenia Lingerie. Wiesmann specializes in sheer balconette bras with unique patterns and colors, both as basic and limited... Read More »

Lace lingerie is something that a lot of women keep in their drawers for special nights with their significant others. Or, alternatively, when they just want to feel an extra bit of sexy. However, if you’re going to buy lace lingerie, especially if it’s expensive lace lingerie, it’s important to be able to recognize the signs of cheap construction. After all, just because something’s expensive, that doesn’t mean it’s good quality. How to Recognize Cheap Lace Lingerie Cheap lace has some very obvious tell tales if you know precisely what it is you’re looking for. Whether it’s a cheap lace bra, or some poorly made frills on a corset, the signs are always the... Read More »

Are you looking for an underwear experience with no strings attached? Prepare to discover the perfect solution for your underwear dilemmas. The lingerie world has been transformed by a skimpy little number known as a c-string or c-thong. You no longer have to go bare to get all the benefits of going bare. Are you ready to discover true freedom from underwear woes? Thong What Is a C-String? This unique style of underwear is made for women who simply won’t tolerate visible panty lines. You won’t find any elastics or stitches here. You will find soft padding and a contoured support... Read More »

Wearing comfortable underwear is of utmost importance for most ladies. There’s nothing worse than spending the day squirming around in uncomfortable panties. However, finding that perfect panty isn’t just about comfort, it’s about feeling sensual and confident. Depending on your specific needs, when it comes to the perennial choice of thong versus boyshorts, each style has its own pros and cons. Every woman deserves to feel hot and stunning, but if the skimpy cut of a thong just doesn’t work for you, don’t despair; sexy underwear can come in the form of both thongs and boyshorts. Although some boyshort styles are primarily intended for providing coverage and comfort, other styles, like lacy boyshorts, are designed to offer both comfort and a sexy... Read More »

You might be shocked to learn that your American bra size might not be the same as your European bra size. You should keep this important bit of information in mind if you love to browse the globe for beautiful bras. The dizzying differences in international sizing standards are enough to baffle the brains of even the cleverest mathematicians. Every country has a unique interpretation of cup sizes. Even manufacturers are beginning to stray from recognized standards to create their own measuring systems. It is important to be aware of these trends in order to make sure you don’t end up with the wrong fit the next time you buy a new... Read More »

It can be difficult enough to make time for working out, and going for that morninggg run can feel even less desirable when you don’t have a sports bra that provides the proper comfort support you need. If you wear a larger cup size, finding a supportive sports bra can even more frustrating. If the only solution you’ve found so far is to take the “double bra” route, check out some of these top sports bra brands the the fuller busted. One of the top sports bra brands for full busted women is the Panache Sports Bra. Based out of the United Kingdom, according to the makers of Panache, their sports bras reduce bounce by... Read More »

Bras have been a hot headline item ever since a new French study put out the claim that the undergarments actually cause breasts more harm than good. The researchers who conducted the study concluded that there is a direct link between prolonged bra use and sagging breasts. This seems to go against everything women have ever been taught about how to keep their breasts comfortable and perky. It has long been believed that a bra protected a woman’s breasts from the effects of gravity. This new French study debunks that idea by concluding that the artificial support offered by bras actually discourages the development of supportive breast tissue over... Read More »

Have you come across the worst bra for full busted women? Share a commeant! The right bra is the key to feeling free to flaunt your figure. Ladies with a full bust need to invest in a full busted bra that can accommodate their curves. It is important to steer clear of flimsy and uncomfortable bras that will leave your cleavage lacking in the support category. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect full busted bra to cradle your top assets. Gel Gets Great Results Every woman with a sizable bust has suffered the pain of an uncomfortable bra... Read More »

Using bra straps converter. How often do you have your bra straps visible? Share a commeant! For some people, it is their biggest pet peeve, while for others, an intentional act in the name of fashion. So just what is the verdict when it comes to letting your bra straps peek out from underneath your spaghetti strap tank top? Well, ladies, like many other aspects of fashion, it all comes down to keeping it tasteful and classy. Many of us can remember our teenage days of purchasing bras that came with changeable removable straps. Of course, the key word here being... Read More »

Breasts of all shapes and sizes should be celebrated. The average woman spends a lot of time wondering if her breasts are normal. Relax! There is no such thing as “normal” breasts. Most women have breasts that are separated in some degree or fashion. You can help your breasts reach their optimum appearance by using some slight considerations when shopping for lingerie. This is your guide to the best bra styles for your quirky curves. A woman should never let the position of her breasts stop her from enjoying wearing bras that make her feel sexy and beautiful. Keeping the stance of your breasts in mind when browsing your lingerie options can help you find the most comfortable and flattering... Read More »

What women don’t love the look of a sheer and sexy lace bra? Both elegant and delicate, sheer and sensual lace bras encompass the quintessential look of tastefully sexy lingerie. If you wear a fuller cup size, you may have concerns about whether or not a seemingly skimpy lace bra can offer the appropriate support of big breasts. It is good news for all of you lace lingerie lovers, because sheer and lace bras can offer all the support that even large breasts need. The key to picking out the most supportive and comfortable bra has more to do with style and fit than with the fabric selection; so go ahead and start browsing through all those sheer styles that you may have previously considered to be off... Read More »

Against the popular fear, you should not avoid see through bras if you are a woman with saggy breasts. It is not true that a see through bra will only look good on women with firm silicon implants. The shape of the breasts and your body built determine the most comfortable and best looking bra style right for you, however it does not play a huge role when it comes to choosing the bra fabric. Underwires are crucial in keeping the right shape of your breasts in a bra. The bra under wires position each breast and keep them in one... Read More »

The minimizer bras intrinsically cultivate the original beauty of the bust line by spreading out and minimizing the breasts. As a result, you will have slimmer and nicer looking bust line and moreover, you do not have to shun off those tempting body clinging outfits. Minimizer bras are surely a miracle invention in the lingerie world, giving women more opportunity to explore new trends in fashion. The best minimizing bras promise to reduce the cup sizes of fuller busted women with one or two sizes down. This depends mainly on the brand of the brasserie. They are comfortable to wear and are immensely soothing to the... Read More »

Unlined Sheer Balconette These days you have so many options in bras to wear from lined, unlined, demi-cup, full-coverage, wired, non-wired, and much more. With all these different choices, you may not understand what exactly you are getting in a bra when you pick it out. For those of you that enjoy shopping, more specifically online, it’s important that you know what each type means. Starting with the unlined bra. Explanation of an Unlined Bra An unlined bra is essentially a bra that only has one piece of fabric across the bust and is less visible under clothing. Most bras have layers of fabric across the bust area to give more support and... Read More »

It used to be, even in Victorian times, that women could sport their cleavage generously, but showing off your legs or even your arms was simply scandalous. Life’s more liberal today of course, but how can you show off that cleavage and stay classy? First, it’s very important to have a nice, well-fitted, supportive bra. Among other things, having certain “slip ups” will get you a lot of attention, but definitely aren’t considered classy. Your bra needs to fit very well so that you don’t have a smashed look to your breasts, but rather, a natural accentuation of your curves. You also don’t want to show off your back fat by having straps that are too... Read More »

Properly fitted bra is the one with the band size tight enough to keep the bra in one place, however it has to be comfortable enough to move and sit with arms either held down or high up.  Also it can’t ride up in the back, which is caused by bra band being too loose and bra straps fastened too much. In general you should be able to slide the hand behind the band on the back, but shouldn’t be able too pull the band away from the flesh. When buying a bra, get the bra with the band fitting you on the loosest... Read More »