Sheer Bras

Sheer Bra is one of the most delicate bras in the industry and it is perceived as a fashion bra, made of a sheer translucent material with an accented lace decoration. The main practical reason for the bra to be translucent is that the design focuses on breathability of the skin that it touches. Very frequently with some exceptions sheer bras are have no coverage made of a solid material and are fully transparent.

Main characteristics of Sheer Bras

The softness of the mesh on a sheer bra is one of the most south after qualities. Softer tulle/mesh makes the bra more luxurious and more comfortable to wear reducing the friction and itchy sensation which is possible with more rigid mesh fabrics.  Quality manufacturers seek after the best experience for the people that wear their product and with sheer bras it is a delicate process of selection that makes the bra. A sheer bra should give you as much transparency as possible while not sacrificing the structure of the bra and its functionality.

The cut of the shear bra can come in many shapes but the most popular are balconettes. It is a fine balance between coverage and designed support of the breast. If sized correctly a sheer balconette bra can do wonders in support and the presentation. Balconette specific aligns the material in a supportive and snug fit where it’s easy on the back and provides a lift effect.

See through material is stigmatized by the idea of not fully covered private body part such as the nipple which can be an issue for some. The benefits of a sheer bra far exceed the stigma of a see-through bras.  Once the idea of a comfortable and delicate bra sets in, it’s important to remember that the fine mesh is in direct contact with the nipple therefore with less expensive sheer bras the experience can be a bit harsh if the tulle is not soft enough.

Main benefits of Sheer Bras

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at a truly sheer bra is that completely natural feeling can be achieved. A quality sheer bra can and did make women rave about not feeling anything while wearing a sheer bra. That is the purpose of the thin tulle which gently forms the cup and provides the least body friction as possible.  A shear bra is truly a functional piece of wardrobe.

While the sheer bras provide a great experience (if sized properly) they also are beautiful to look at. For designers’ sheer bras are a canvas of ingenuity and a chance to be as creative as possible. The tulle/sheer material is perfect for embroidery of beautiful patterns which accentuate the luxury feel and look of the bra. Since the transparent sheer mesh is on most of the the wide space areas of the bra, the floral patterns are highly visible as beautiful accents.

The most important benefit of a sheer bra is the look itself. A beautiful sheer balconette bra most certainly will be your favorite piece of lingerie. It will get complements from your significant other. The look of the bra completes and pairs nicely with its earlier mentioned benefits of luxury feeling and comfort.

Use & Care of Sheer bras

A common question regarding sheer bras is whether it will expose any parts of your body that is not intended to be shown. With sheer bras the extra caution can be applied if necessary. To conceal the sheer bra, you can choose skin colors to blend the bra with your body or wear it under a non-see-through blouse, shirt etc.

Sheer bras are very easy top care for. To ensure a longer lifetime of any bra or panties there are few rules which need to be followed.

  1. Hand wash your bras separately (if possible)
  2. Machine Wash your bras and panties in warm water on gentle cycle while not mixing colors. Bras and panties should be in a bra wash bag. (pillowcase will do).
  3. Don’t use the dryer. Air dry for best result.
  4. Store your bras in a dry space while separating colors.

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