About: Lacy Hint

Lacy Hint is an online lingerie store specializing in sales of intimate apparel imported from Europe. According to Lacy Hint the company is importing sheer bras and balconette bras from less known manufacturers in eastern and central Europe. 

Lacy Hint started in a small apartment of Manhattan, New York. It was based on the idea originated out of a vacation trip to Europe. Lacy Hint filled the void which was missing in the saturated selection open New York City's boutiques and fashion stores. 

By realizing the difference in quality overseas Lacy Hint decided to share the experience with North American consumers. There are many European designers and manufacturers of high quality lingerie who don't have representation in United States. Lacy Hint designed a process which works with the designers and exposes them to the North American market. 

Today Lacy Hint has a huge selection of handmade bras, panties and nightwear. Most selections are in vivid colors and made out of fine mesh fabric. If someone likes a luxury feal, durability, soft to the touch lingerie than Lacy Hint is an incredible find.

The process of finding good quality is to go out and actually touch it. Every year Lacy Hint buyers make the trip to Europe in search of the quality that defines luxury. Throughout the following year Lacy Hint imports selected styles for its customers. It's almost like having a personal shopper making a trip to Europe and supplying you with the best merchandise for the price.

During Lacy Hint’s discovery trips the goal is to visit as many up and coming manufacturers to get the full idea of what the lingerie market looks like for that year. If the product is up to the quality standards and the designs are fresh and unique Lacy Hint sets an agreement with the manufacturer/designer to become a distributor of the products primarily in the United States and Canada. 

Most of the brands that Lacy Hint works with are smaller brands that don't have the financial capabilities to break into the market across the ocean. Lacy Hint serves as a liaison for those brands in a form of a personal shopper for US and Canada shoppers. Lacy Hint  publishes the best and specially selected items on their website and collects the pre-orders from its customers. Once the pre-order time expires lacy hint connects with each designer and arranges a mass order to be shipped to Lacy Hints location in Florida USA. In the meantime, in most cases, a group of experienced seamstresses get  started on realizing the order which involves hand sawing and cutting to the specs of the design.

Lacy Hint works with many brands. Once they pass all quality and logistic requirements they get listed on the online store. Lacy Hint stands behind the manufacturers / designers and vouches for them with its own business reputation. 

When talking about Lacy Hint standards we have to take him to consideration said the products are well thought through as far as modern lingerie goes. For example bras with bigger bra cups are required who has ticker straps provide top and back support to the person wearing it. Stitching is equally important preferably double-stitched to provide durability and multiple washes. Materials are sourced from the best fabric makers in Europe including France, Italy or Spain,

Once the Items reach Lacy Hint’s distribution destination all customs is already taken care of and the items are ready to be distributed among North America's eager customers. Each pre-order is carefully packed for each individual client and shipped free to all client locations. Generally the shipping time from the location in Florida is around 3-5 days.    

Since the original shopping starts in European countries and the objective of the quest is to find unique designers. North American clients can enjoy the uniqueness of the styles and original designs. In most cases the designer is in agreement that Lacy Hint will be their exclusive distributor so the merchandise can’t be purchased in other stores in the US and Canada. 

Even though the merchandise arrives directly from Europe it gets distributed from Lacy Hint location in Florida. This process eliminates the customers worries about communicating in other languages and dealing with international shipping. All products are carefully wrapped and inspected before getting shipped to its final destination in the US or Canada. While still providing free shipping on all goods sold.

Many styles come in many sizes, even the hard to find large cups. Lacy Hint realizes that it's customers are real people and not supermodels. The philosophy of this fabulous store is that lingerie should fit properly and perfectly. As described on their website blog right fitting bra can be the most comfortable a woman can wear.

Unlike many lingerie brands Lacy Hint products are durable if proper care is applied. Lacy Hint recommends machine wash unless otherwise specified by the label. All items should be placed in a see-through bag or a pillow case to prevent damage. lifetime of each item can be extended to approximately 6 months. 

Lacy Hint understands that shopping for clothing items and especially lingerie can sometimes be difficult due to a size selection or the feel of the materials. Therefore Lacy Hint provides an easy return policy. If the merchandise is returned in specified time and it has no signs of wear which includes perfume sent, deodorant marks, or any other discoloration of the material. Lacy Hint will accept all returns and give a full refund or exchange for a different size or an item of equal value. 

One of the main ways that Lacy Hint differs from other common lingerie stores is that a great effort goes into making sure that the customer is happy and the product meets the highest standards. A simple example of the quality can be that a larger bra sports a thicker band for increased comfort and support. Since Lacy Hint bras, underwear, sleepwear it's handmade with a double stitch the bras are machine wash friendly (correct way) and lasting longer than mass-produced items. Once customers realize that having Lacy Hint in their corner it's like having a personal shopper in Europe who will send you great beautiful selections. 

Lacy hint is pretty responsive on Facebook and through its contact page. Most questions are answered on the FAQ page. Lacy Hint also has a newsletter which gives you notifications when new products are available for order and added to your collection of beautiful long lasting bras,panties, teddies, etc.

According to Lacy Hint client reviews the customer service is impeccable. All customer questions are answered in a timely fashion with addition to priceless advice if needed. Customers that give Lacy Hint a chance become lifelong customers.