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Bra sitting flat on chest Your bra should sit flat against your chest, if this is not the case you may want to look into why this is happening. One common complaint from women who are wearing the wrong size bra is the bra does not lie flat between the breasts. If there is an underwire in the bra this can cause it to poke forward. This can be very uncomfortable. There are a number of different reasons for this problem to occur, one of the main problems is women are not wearing the right size bra. The center of the bra should sit flat against your chest if is does not the first thing you should check is your cup size.... Read More »

If you spent a fair amount of money on your bras, panties and lingerie you may want to hand wash them. Hand washing the intimates will prolong the life of them.  We know we are all so busy that the convenience of a washing machine may outweigh the delicate touch hand washing can provide.  Here we will tell you how to hand wash your bra.  If you must choose convenience, we will also tell you the best way to machine was your dainty pieces also. Machine Washing Your Lingerie Water temperature should be set to cool it is best to use a mild detergent for this... Read More »

How many of us get home after a long day of work and put on our PJ’s on?  There is nothing better than taking off those 4 inch heels, stripping off your bra and washing the day off of your face. Oh and maybe a glass of wine while watching your favorite show. Let’s face it letting the girls breathe feels invigorating! This may be true for most of us, but there the few that like to keep our bra on and eventually sleep through the night without taking it off.  If you are well endowed you may crave the support a bra can give... Read More »

Generally speaking, men are not that good when buying lingerie for women. Many a time they behave as small kids in a toy shop and buy fancy lingerie items most woman are not willing to wear, they fail at choosing the right size or type of lingerie and last, but not least, they have little idea of the kind of lingerie we are really interested in (or would love to have). That said, this 101 guide has come to your rescue. It’s packed with handy tips that will make it easier for men to choose the right item when buying lingerie for their special... Read More »

Gone are the days when panties for plus size women were dull, boring and uninspired. Lingerie designers have realized that plus size women were seeking panties that made them look sexy and gorgeous and over the last decade they have started to come up with underwear items that are sexy, comfortable and that no need to be relegated to the back of the store hidden from view. That said, plus size women can find in this list panties that really emphasize their sensuality. Full Brief Panties: Traditional Plus Size Women Underwear Full brief panties have been traditionally called “granny panties” by many women and they have been neglected to the farthest corner of the lingerie... Read More »

Knowing how to buy panties that fit perfectly has been a top secret issue until now. With so many styles of panties available in the market, it is not strange at all that finding panties that embrace your butt and hips and make you feel gorgeous and not self-conscious of your assets is not that easy. Many a time women spend hours on end comparing different types and brands of panties not knowing exactly which one to buy. In this guide, we are going to reveal the most important information that you need to bear in mind when planning to buy... Read More »

Having asymmetrical breasts, even if it is something not dramatically noticeable, can be challenging for any woman and something that seems almost impossible to overcome for women whose different in size between one breast and the other is a half cup or more. Not only upper clothes never seem to look elegant and sexy but buying a bra can be really difficult. And this is why we’re offering this bra buying guide for women with asymmetrical breasts. If you have asymmetrical breasts, you are not alone and lingerie manufacturers know it. There are different remedies you can try to balance out the appearance of unevenly sized breasts such as paddings but before trying any of them it is essential that you have your bra size determined... Read More »

Plus size women usually find it hard to find clothes that flatter them and make them look elegant, nice and glamorous. Even though there are several brands that design clothes for this type of woman, the truth is that it can be stressing and disappointing for them to try on clothes after clothes without finding one they really like. Needless to say, buying a bra for a plus size woman is not easy either. If you need to purchase a bra for a plus size woman, then this guide will be really helpful. Hopefully, you’ll read it till the end and have a better purchase experience... Read More »

If you belong to the group of small-breasted women, there are great chances that since you’ve discovered padded bras they have become your B.U.F. (best underwear friends). Wearing a padded bra not only enhances your breasts and makes them look larger but they also improve your ego, self-esteem and sensuality. Is there anything else you can ask from a lingerie item? Not much except from the fact that the enhancemeant should look natural on you. Before and after wearing a padded bra. If you have already bought a padded bra and the final result was not the one you expected it is very likely that you’ve chosen the wrong padded bra for... Read More »

Finding the right bra for your dress is not always easy. This is probably not new to you as you usually unsuccessfully spend quite a lot of time trying on different bras to see which one is a perfect match for your dress. That said, learning the clues to easily match your underwear with the dress you’re wearing is not a minor issue. Whether you want to wear a silk halter top, a spaghetti string summer dress, a backless evening gown or a strapless maxi dress, you don’t need to go bra-less or showing unsightly bra straps or bands. Fortunately, bra designers have designed a wide variety of bra styles that can virtually fit any... Read More »

Do you like lingerie? And have you ever tried buying lingerie online? I don’t know any woman who doesn’t like the idea of owning a new lingerie item and now that Internet is so popular and you can purchase almost anything online, needless to say that lingerie is not the exception to the rule. There are many reasons why you may opt for buying lingerie online: you value your privacy and feel uncomfortable when choosing certain sexier underwear in physical shops, your favorite lingerie brand has no local stores so either you travel abroad or purchase their underwear through the Internet, you can shop whenever you want and from wherever you... Read More »

Who doesn’t like buying lingerie? I guess everything a woman needs when buying underwear is time, money, enthusiasm and a lingerie buying guide. With so many underwear items for us to choose from, relying on a lingerie buying guide becomes our best friend when having to choose what item or items to add to your collection and discover all the options you have at hand that you may not be aware of. Lingerie Buying Guide: Styles of Modern Bras A lingerie buying guide would not be complete without a thorough description of the different styles of modern bras you can choose from in lingerie... Read More »

Taking proper care of our lingerie items is essential in order to have them always in perfect wearing conditions. However, many of us do not know the basics of lingerie care and may easily make mistakes while washing them that may ruin their delicate fabric. Whether you’ve invested in some lovely lingerie for that special night or have bought a sports bra for your fitness sessions or have renovated your underwear drawer with some comfortable and practical underwear items, there are plenty of reasons why you can take advantage of the lingerie care tips we’ll share in this article. Taking good care of your lingerie is also important because it is a way of caring after your skin as well; your thongs and bras are the pieces of clothing that are closest to your skin and if you are unaware of proper lingerie care you may end up suffering from skin allergies or scratches on your skin from uncared zips or... Read More »

Wearing a bra is one of those things that women do almost without thinking: they just put it on and wear it all day long without thinking much about it. We even usually don’t think much about what bra we’ll be wearing unless we’re getting dressed for a special occasion or we need to choose our bra more carefully. Wearing a bra with loose straps is very uncomfortable However, there are certain occasions in which wearing a bra turns out to be uncomfortable, totally uncomfortable: wearing a bra with bad-fitting issues can be a nightmare… especially when we don’t know how to fix... Read More »

Let’s face it: most of the times when we picture colored lingerie in our minds, only red, white, black, nude or pink items of lingerie are the only colors that we can think of. However the palette of colored lingerie is much wider and intrepid and women do not need to rely on the old traditional ones… at least not on an everyday basis. Most women are bold enough when buying lingerie for themselves to try different styles of lingerie and underwear and they may even have a couple of items reserved for those ultra special nights. However, they don’t usually shift away from their comfort zone when picking colored... Read More »

Let me guess… if I opened your lingerie drawer, what are the chances that I’d find black, white, nude or red underwear? Very high, probably… as most women tend to rely on the true, tried and tested underwear colors when shopping for lingerie without realizing that the market has a multicolor and rich palette for us to choose from. That said, if you’re planning to go shopping for lingerie and would like to stretch out of your comfort zone and make some bold decisions regarding the color of lingerie you choose, this article packed with useful tips will be just what you need before you spend your... Read More »

Your underwear is quite intimate to you; therefore, you must make sure that you take a good care of your lingerie. It will serve you well for a long time if you know how to look after it. Take a Good Care of Your Lingerie To Make It Last Never use any harsh detergent stuffed cleaning agent on them, and at all times wash them manually in warm water. If you are introducing new laundry soap, ensure you test a tiny portion of the clothing to ensure that no unwanted reaction will take place. Any tarnishing, shrinking or expanding of the natural finish of the clothing will certainly offer you a red flag that this isn’t the appropriate product for the clothing’s well... Read More »

Venturing out might be so overrated and costly! There is no reason you cannot enjoy a great date night with your partner while remaining right where you are. Obviously, it may take some extra effort to make a night at your home feel extra special rather than simply lounging around the sitting room. Listed below are steps you can take to make a date night at your home extra special. 1. Conceal the mobile phones: withhold the texting for another day It appears that we have a love/hate relationship with technology nowadays, doesn’t it? Though we cannot live without our iPhones, switch them off and lock them away during your date night... Read More »

Anniversaries, birthday celebrations or the mere expectation of a romantic and long night together are just one of the multiple reasons why buying lingerie seems to be the best gift that a man can buy for a woman. However, buying lingerie is a delicate mission and many men feel clumsy or inexpert when making the right lingerie choices. That said, if you are planning to spend some money in buying lingerie for your special lady, reading this guide first will prove to be really helpful.   Are You Buying Lingerie That’s in Synch With Her Style and Preference? Even if you’d love to see your girl in a minute in lace thong or wearing a balconette bra in an animal print pattern – if she’s not into that kind of underwear, there are great chances that she won’t feel comfortable in... Read More »

Choosing sexy underwear and lingerie is for some women as painful as having a root canal treatmeant done. Even if you think that this might be an exaggeration, the truth is that many women are absolutely clueless when they face the challenge to buy lingerie and underwear that is sexy, looks good, feels like a second skin and provides the right support. If you think that you need some savvy advice on the lingerie departmeant, then this article is just for you. Sexy Underwear and Lingerie: It’s All About Sizes This might sound obvious, but many women are ignorant of their underwear sizes and no sexy underwear or lingerie item can look good on you if it doesn’t fit your... Read More »

Are you asking yourself, “How in the world do I organize and store this pile of mess supposedly called lingerie”? You’re not alone. Most women have no idea of lingerie storage ways that ensure it stays in the best possible condition. The first order of business is to dump the whole mess out on the bed, because before you can organize your intimates, you must separate them into two piles: Lingerie to Keep & Lingerie to Throw Away First, toss out pieces that you simply wouldn’t want to be caught dead in! Next, group together lingerie pieces that used to be white but are now a grayish color; anything ragged, torn, discolored, or having small... Read More »

Art Deco lingerie is a blast from the past. It brings the 20s back to life. Art Deco lingerie was a movemeant of freedom and self expression for women. This is a look for all vintage lovers who like to dress with a little sass from the past. Even if you don’t normally go for a vintage look, there is sure to be something for your eyes to love. The twenties was all about bejeweled hats and outfits, cloche hats, beaded flapper dresses, feathered boas, and tons and tons of fringe on boxy, boy-like dresses that hit knee length. Art Deco lingerie keeps the 20s alive with their... Read More »

Daisy Grey and Pink Lace Push up Bra What if you were a woman with a bra size 32DD (and you just found out why a 34D felt so uncomfortable on you) with a breast skin that already lost some elasticity. You have medium size extra skin under the armpit and as many women after 40, you do not really wear a push up bra. It is not an easy task. Women with 32DD cup and full and firm breast will easily be happy with any non-padded or sheer bra, but DD cup does not automatically mean all the busts look the... Read More »

This customer was an about 5’2 woman with a big bust and small hips. Many times women with very small bottom and slim waist, and quite an impressive big bust size have trouble finding best looking and fitting bra for their body type. You would go for a smaller band size as the waist and overall body size can play with your mind. And it wasn’t different in this case. Optically it was hard to believe this woman’s band size can be as big as 34, as she stated. Nevertheless I adore my tape measure and ALWAYS use it first and do not try to figure the size... Read More »

The term “Peeking Bra” derives from fashion observers noticing that sometimes a bra gets its day in the sun and it peeks out from under the shirt or a blouse. How often do we hear a woman saying that no one can see my bra anyways? Most of the time that remark comes from a woman that doesn’t want a beautiful bra and is happy with any bra that does its job. There is nothing  wrong with that, until we realize that a bra can be a bit less private than you think it is. There are many situations that our bra makes an appearance and we don’t even know about... Read More »

Large Strapless Balconette It’s not easy being a full busted woman looking for full busted bras. There are many obstacles that full busted women face on daily basis and choosing the right full busted bras can be a hustle. Shopping for large size bras is hard because lingerie stores simply don’t carry large sized bras. It’s not fair that the retailers don’t consider the large size bras as a product that’s in demand and call it specialty bras. Every woman deserves to feel pretty and unique. Putting the supply thing aside, there are other things that a full busted woman should consider when buying full busted... Read More »

Bra fitting can be a real challenge if you do it by yourself. Maybe that is why many women who come to my store dislike bra shopping in large malls like Nordstrom, where you can find many styles of not so many sizes and nobody to help in a fitting room. We can’t be experts in everything we do, so in a bra shop you should always be able to count on personal approach, advise and some bra fitting suggestions from the experienced and patient assistant. When first and usual concern is about the proper bra size, there are other delicate aspects of bra fitting, that women seem not to be aware... Read More »

You bought a bra and it’s perfect, it lays on you like it’s made custom for you. You love the cut, the style, the pattern and there is nothing bad that you can say about it. BUT. When you wear it for more than an hour you start feeling discomfort on your shoulders.  The straps are not as comfortable as they were couple of hours ago. The reason can be that you have over adjusted your straps. Bra straps ideally adjusted Bra straps too tight Bra straps too loose Before I go in to explaining how to adjust the bra straps and what they are designed to do, let’s make sure that you bought a bra that was made with you in... Read More »

Very important question derives from women saying that they have a bra for a few years “is it still good?”. This statemeant can only be true if the bra has been worn few times per year. If the bra is used on daily basis, then there is no way it can last that long. There is no manufacturer that will recommend a bra for longer than 6 months and that’s speaking of the top quality bras. For bras that are made for quantity not quality, average lifespan is no longer than a month with frequent washing and no one wants to wear a dirty... Read More »

With the dresses getting tighter on our bodies, it is becoming harder to stay classy and not show off those panty lines. When a woman puts on a dress that hugs her body like a glove, panty lines are a no no. Lingerie designers have come up with a ingenious solution which is simply called: seamless panties. The name is self explanatory – these panties have no visible seams. You can’t even feel any part of these panties lift where the materials are connected together. It’s like a miracle. You can wear panties but not show any panty lines. Most good quality seamless panties are cut with a laser so that the material is cut straight with... Read More »