A Guide to Bra Types for Every Garment

Your bra collection should be as versatile as your taste in clothing. However, anyone who has ever hunted for bras to accommodate various cuts, colors, fabrics and necklines knows how difficult it can be to find versatile lingerie. Far too many of us feel limited regarding what we can wear because we simply don’t have the right bras. Does this sound familiar?

It’s so important to have some hard to find bras on hand if you adore wearing tops, tanks and dresses with interesting cuts. What exactly should you have stocked in your lingerie drawer if you want to be able to get dressed in a flash? Take a look at a guide to the different bra types that will make it easy to get dressed in the clothes you love without any limitations.

How to Wear Different Bra Styles

It can seem like there are too many bra styles to keep up with these days. You may wonder exactly how you’re supposed to wear some of the bra types that you see while browsing through lingerie racks. The reality is that some of the bras you’re unsure about are actually essential when pulling off popular looks. Take a look at the five bra types that can open up new worlds of fashion for you with just one twist of the clasp!

The Balcony Bra

A balcony bra covers the nipples and top half of the bust. This design actually lifts the top half of the bust to create very firm, rounded cleavage. A balcony bra is a great option if you’re looking for lifting power that creates volume and shape. When should you wear a balcony bra? A balcony bra is meant to be worn with low-cut necklines. A balcony bra will ensure that the fabric of your bra won’t peek over your neckline the way a full-coverage bra might. In addition, a balcony bra works nicely with a form-fitting shirt or dress.

The Strapless Bra

Every woman needs to own a strapless bra. A good strapless bra will be a true gem whenever you need to wear a sleeveless gown or top. This style offers what essentially looks like invisible support to the outside eye. A modern strapless typically rely on a secure underwire to deliver a good amount of support without straps. Many people assume that you only need a strapless bra if you’re wearing a top that is completely strapless. However, the truth is that a strapless bra can be used for tank tops that have very thin straps. Who wants to worry about bra straps that shift out of place or constantly creep down past the shoulders? A strapless bra can help you create a neat, bra-free look without giving up the support of a good bra.

The Backless Bra

What exactly is a backless bra? You’ll discover that this is the piece of lingerie that has been missing from your life for far too long! You’ve probably wondered how other women pull off those open-back looks without stressing over front support. The truth is that the bra-free look that you commonly see actually involves a very special type of bra. A backless bra uses a special adhesive to provide frontal coverage with subtle lifting power. This is a must-have bra style if you’re looking for a way to wear strapless tops, backless tops and halter tops without any bra drama.

The Racerback Bra

Many women shy away from purchasing cute yoga tops and tank tops because they avoid racerback designs that seem impossible to wear with traditional bras. Some people will tell you to just wear a sports bra types with your racerback tops. However, not everyone feels comfortable wearing a sports bra instead of an ultra-supportive bra in day-to-day life. Did you know that you can actually get a bra with a racerback cut to go under sporty tops? Finding out that you can wear all of these tops with a bra that you love is a real game changer for your daily look! A racerback bra generally features a central strap that goes up the back of the design. The bra then splits between the shoulder blades to create that racerback look on either side of your neck.

The Plunge Bra

The plunge bra is the solution you need if you struggle with finding bras that can accommodate plunging necklines. This bra style features a severe dip at the neckline. In addition, a good plunge bra will typically have form-fitting cups that contour your breasts.

A Crash Course in Bra Thickness

Why does the thickness of a bra matter? The thickness of your bra can actually impact how your clothes look and fit. In addition, you may need to choose your bra thickness based on the fit and feel you prefer. Take a look at some options that offer varying degrees of thickness.

The Unlined Bra

An unlined bra can be a good choice if you like a very natural, unrestricted fit. Many women use unlined bras during the summertime. You might be assuming that an unlined bra isn’t for you because you have a larger cup size. However, it is possible to find a sheer bra that features underwire support.

The Lined Bra

A lined bra can offer that extra coverage you need to feel protected and confident. A lined bra can be a great option when you’re wearing a sheer blouse or top. One big benefit of a lined bra is that it can provide sculpting and shaping power.

The Padded Bra

A padded bra is a great choice if you’re looking for shape and volume. The benefits of the padded bra aren’t all aesthetic. Many women actually enjoy the added softness that comes from wearing a padded bra.

The Half-Padded Bra

A half-padded bra typically consists of a padded bottom portion with soft top cups. This type of bra creates structure without smothering your skin. This can be a good option if you crave a balance of stretchy freedom and comfortable support.

The Push-Up Bra

The push-up bra doesn’t really require much of an explanation. However, it’s important to say that it’s a misconception that women with large cup sizes can’t wear push-up bras. A push-up bra can actually sculpt your breasts to create a very firm, dramatic bust. Many women love the way a push-up bra creates a beautiful silhouette. Push-up styles can offer varying levels of pressure.

Some Tips on Colored Bras

Some women will go an entire lifetime without wearing a colored bra. There’s nothing wrong with relying heavily on your trusty nude, white and black bras. However, adding in some fun pops of color is always recommended to avoid lingerie dullness. Here’s a quick guide to bra colors:

  • Nude or cream bra is essentially the only colored bra that will fully disappear under white tops.
  • Thin fabrics generally require nude bras.
  • Black bras should be worn with darker shades like chocolate, maroon and burgundy.
  • It’s fine to play around with allowing a sheer black bra to show up under a sheer black top.
  • White bras should only be worn with thicker fabrics because they tend to show through quite easily, unless you mean to let it show.
  • Colored straps in fun colored bras can be fun when you’re intentionally allowing your straps to show as part of a fashion look.

The big thing to remember when choosing bra colors is that you can play according to your own rules. It’s perfectly fine to intentionally show off a bra. However, you’ll need to select your bra color carefully if your goal is to camouflage your undergarment.

A Look at Underwire Bras Verses Wire-Free Bras

Feelings are pretty mixed when it comes to the notorious underwire bra. Some women can’t imagine life without the wire support. However, some of women have had bad or painful experiences with underwires. The first thing to know is that underwire bras aren’t all the same. It’s worth looking into a modern underwire bra that is made for your cup size if you’ve been burned by this style in the past. You may find that getting your hands on the underwire bra can make all the difference.

Underwire bras are great for women who crave unrestricted feeling and light support. You can be sure that your cleavage is going to stay in place when you have a high-quality underwire bra. However, a wire-free bra types can also shine if you’re going for a look that doesn’t require as much structure. A wire-free bra can offer a perfect compromise if you’re wearing a dress or top that has some built-in shelf support.

Get an Instant Fashion Upgrade With the Right Bra

The truth is that a bra is the bedrock of an outfit. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make your daily bra work with complicated cuts and fits. You can add some hard to find bras to your lingerie drawer to create custom fits. Extraordinary outfits sometimes require out-of-the-ordinary bra types.