Common Bra Fitting Room Mistakes That Women Make

Bra fitting can be a real challenge if you do it by yourself. Maybe that is why many women who come to my store dislike bra shopping in large malls like Nordstrom, where you can find many styles of not so many sizes and nobody to help in a fitting room. We can't be experts in everything we do, so in a bra shop you should always be able to count on personal approach, advise and some bra fitting suggestions from the experienced and patient assistant. When first and usual concern is about the proper bra size, there are other delicate aspects of bra fitting, that women seem not to be aware off. You might think that the certain style is not for you because it looks poorly on you from the first momeant, but.... are you sure, you wore the bra in a correct way?  

bra band fitting a braBra band too low

First and very common mistake women make in a fitting room is putting the bra on way too low under the bust. They seems to clasp the bra around their stomach instead of right under the breast tissue. The bra is not made to support your stomach, but your breast after all! This usually happens when you pick the bra band (number) too loose. But when you pick the correct band size, the bra just gives you that suffocating feeling, which makes you complain of discomfort and how you hate bras. Ladies, put the bra band on around your chest, with the bra wires surround your breast not way under, please.  

Bra straps too loose

Second most common mistake women make in my fitting room is totally disregarding the existence of bra straps. Those, who know me also know, that my favorite quote is "Remember to adjust the straps!". What happens when you forget to adjust the straps. The straps are loose and can fall, yes. But while you are still in the fitting room and you are not moving, they might mysteriously still stay in place. What happens in the fitting room is, the bra cups look like they are too big and out of shape. If you are fitting a sheer or lace bra, they give the impression of you missing some breast tissue. No lace or other delicate fabric will look pretty when wrinkled, adjust the straps to be tighter, what stretches the fabric on bra cups and let is stay smooth on your skin. Adjusting bra straps will also lift your bust, if you wanted it sagging you wouldn't come to buy a bra, would you. 

bra fitting mistakes

Bra band too loose

Third mistake I totally don't let happen is women's requests for a larger band size. I agree, if you are rather a heavy woman with skin bulges around your back , the looser band could be more comfortable and in some cases an absolute necessity. However, the statemeant " I don't like to feel the bra on at all, bring me two times bigger band size" will not work here. Bra band is to support 80-90% of your breast weight. It has to be tight enough to stay in place and not ride up and down and to the sides. Also, due to natural fabric stretch, the bra band loosens after 2 months, ready to be clasped at the second adjustmeant. If you start from the band already too loose, the bra will last you the total of two months, when correctly picked band size is supposed to survive until 6 months minimum. That's from the practical point of view. From the aesthetic point of view, band that is too loose will end up at the very upper part of your back, while the front stays low (if you are lucky) or will ride up your breasts (ouch). It might still look OK in the fitting room, where there are no stairs to walk, no stroller to push and no party to dance, but with all that movemeant, bra band will not stay in place. It will look ugly. Period. Knowing the above issues and understanding them will help you pick the best fitting bra much easier. Who knows, you might just become an expert ready to shop on your own. However, it is always easier to have a bra fitting person assist you due to their knowledge of which bra brands run smaller/bigger or what bra style should be offered to you when you want a little extra support without having to choose a push up bra. Those, who don't live near our store in Palm Beach county and have to order bras online, please send me a message regarding your concerns before making a purchase. I will be happy to help you. Also, see our return/exchange policy.