Fashion Fixes for Uneven Breasts

bra insertsThe intrepid nature sometimes does a little bit of an injustice to natural breasts. It’s a common thing to have a slightly uneven breast that lack the same symmetry and shape. Almost 80% of the world’s women population have uneven breasts and many of them are living with the problem without knowing the approachable cure. Though this event can be agonizing at times yet it may indefinitely be cured without the inclusion of any expensive invasive procedures. You may wonder that perhaps you are the only targeted person to receive the blow of this tantalizing problem, but that’s not true! Different women from all over the world suffer similar tantrums while trying out the most favorite brasseries in the trial rooms. Sorting out the problem with the quickest available natural solution is the best reward you can give yourself.

Though the market is flooded with various cosmetic invasive surgical procedures thatpromises to give your breasts the eligible uniformity, yet seeking the natural help can be both cost effective and health effective too! If you have them, try to fix them and do not panic or lose your self esteem. Invest your time in looking for the best fitted solution that will enhance your external beauty by filling in the so called agonizing gaps. The best natural solution is none other than the savior bras - push up bras with removable pads. The wise trick is to select the right size and the comfortable fitting bra. But, what is the right size when one of the breasts is slightly smaller than the other one? The right size is the one whose cup size fits the larger breast more comfortably. The smaller one may suffer a slight looseness but that can be very well amended with the softest available bra pads. Also adjusting the bra strap a bit tighter on a smaller breast side will compensate the difference. If you want integrity without sacrificing yourself dignity and dressing style than always go to the removable pads. They can be inserted in between the gap and they will lovingly fill in the weirdest of discrepancies.

Padding is definitely a wonderful idea to help you from the faulty disasters but too much padding is certainly not recommended. Just imagine how offensive it will look if the uniformity becomes more prominent! That’s exactly what too much padding will do to you. In spite of correcting the fault you will end up in a bigger mess. The more padded the bra you plan to wear, the more injustice will you do for yourself. To be on the safe side just gap some of your favorite invertible pads that will fill in the desirable gaps without ruining the natural beauty of your bosoms. For more serious thinker’s silicone or foam pads also work wonders. Do not shy away if the normal pads do not work for you.

There’s a more practical solution to that and it is none other than the fascinating silicone or foam bra pads. They too are removable but the only disadvantage of a silicone bra is that it is slightly heavier than its other counterparts. Hence, if you are thinking to wisely add two silicone pads to perfectly fill in the gaps, then let me tell you that you are very wrong my friend! Adding more than one silicone pad will ruin the whole experience as it will make the smaller breast look bulkier and fake. Always make sure to check the correct fit of your bra hook and bra straps after inserting the removable pads. A correct fit is mandatory for your own comfort and it will also save you from looking fake. Fix your natural errors with natural ways and think twice before going for any invasive procedures!