How to Draw Fashion Figures For Beginners

If you are new to it, learning how to draw fashion figures for beginners can be a great pastime, and a smart way to make money once it has been perfected. Action fashion figures can be used for magazines, books, online, video games you name it! Action fashion figures can be used in the fashion industry, super hero industry or in advertisemeant across the board. How to draw fashion figures for beginners? It is a good idea to start off with these 10 basic steps. Initially what you need to do, is grab a few sheets of tracing paper, or translucent layout paper and a pencil.

How to Draw Fashion Figures for Beginners

how to draw fashion figures for beginners

Step 1. On one of the sheets of paper draw a straight line from the top of the paper to the bottom. If you can draw a straight line without a ruler, than that’s fine, if not use a ruler. Mark on the paper where you want the head of the figure to begin and where you want it to end (the feet). On the inside of these lines, divide this segmeant into eight equal sections.

Step 2. On the first line draw an oval shape, this oval shape will be the head. Next the artist can make a few swipes to represent the movemeant of the figure. Keep in mind that these swipes are only a draft, so do not concentrate very hard on this.

Step 3. Now you will draw another line from the oval. This particular line perhaps will have a curve and is considered to be the spine. Draw another line horizontally, this line is considered to be the shoulders. Next draw another horizontal line, perpendicular to the lower spine, this will be the hips. There is a word called Contrapposto (counterpose). This word is used often in the fashion art world. It refers to the stance where the weight of the body is shifted to one leg which compels the shoulders and hips to lean in different directions.

Step 4. Next draw the breasts and torso. Draw softened shapes and trapezoidal shapes to represent this.

Step 5. Drawing arms and hands can be a lot of fun! How do you want the hands and arms to be posed? Do you want them to be in the pant pocket or hanging down beside the body? Remember step 3, where you drew the second horizontal line? If the hands are going to fall down beside the body, they should not hang down pass this line.

Step 6. At this point you will be drawing the legs and feet. Draw a line for each leg. Make sure that the legs are the same length, so that when the feet are drawn, they are compatible. Also make sure that the calf length is equal to the thigh length.

Step 7-8. If you’ve gotten this far, then you’re doing great! Now you want to draw the face, clothes, hair. When drawing the face, feel free to use a photo or a mirror. While working on the clothes, keep in mind that the clothes should not look as if they are sitting on the figure. Create the drawing as if the clothes are wrapping or clinging around the figure. This is very important in art, the figure’s outfit should appear as if it is being worn instead of sitting on top of the figure.

Step 9-10. Now grab a sheet of paper and simply trace over the lines that you want to keep!

Photoshop is an excellent finishing tool in this type of art work. Perfecting and detailing your human figures can be a challenge, so check this awesome easy guide on how to accentuate you fashion figure's sex and clothing style -> Make your fashion figure perfect. Ok so there you have it! Now you are on the path to being an artist! When someone asks where to find a guide on how to draw fashion figures for beginners, you know where to go find it!