Is It OK To Sleep In Your Bra?

What To Consider If You Must Sleep In Your Bra

How many of us get home after a long day of work and put on our PJ’s on?  There is nothing better than taking off those 4 inch heels, stripping off your bra and washing the day off of your face. Oh and maybe a glass of wine while watching your favorite show. Let’s face it letting the girls breathe feels invigorating! This may be true for most of us, but there the few that like to keep our bra on and eventually sleep through the night without taking it off.  If you are well endowed you may crave the support a bra can give you. Some women believe sleeping in a bra can help keep your breasts shapely and perky. The jury may still be out on that one.  No matter which type of women you are there is no outstanding evidence anywhere that says that you should or shouldn't wear a bra to sleep. 

If you are one of those woman who feel more comfortable getting a good night’s sleep in your bra there are a few factors you may want to consider.  The fit of your bra can have an effect on how you sleep and your health.  Professor Kefah Mokbel, lead breast surgeon at the London Breast Institute, says, “Wearing a constrictive bra to sleep affects physiology of the breast. It can impair the blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which, at worst, can lead to chronic inflammation, oedema (fluid retention) and discomfort.". The easiest way to tell if your bra is too tight while you catch some zzz’s is if you wake up with marks on your body from the bra. Material is also an important factor, sleeping in an underwire bra is probably not the best choice. The underwire can push on your chest and cause discomfort. If the bra is made with synthetic polyester if may also raise the temperature of your breast area. Who really wants to be hot and sweaty while sleeping? If you must sleep in your bra make it a sports bra with some stretch that is made mostly made of cotton.  Sweet Dreams!