Revealing Panties - The Power of Your Underwear

revealing pantiesThe secret to any success story is knowing your strengths and exploiting them. The same applies when selecting revealing panties. You only need to know and accept your body. Then finding the perfect revealing panties should be easy! The first step is to know yourself and... be honest with yourself. What butt size are you blessed with, are you curvaceous or flat, are the hips wide or slim and most importantly, know your limits as all revealing panties require confidence to pull off. The more you reveal, the more confidence you need to conjure up. There are all sorts of revealing panties for all sorts of body types. If you are blessed in the lower regions, then the best selection of panties are thongs and G strings. They add their own appeal. For the less hippy ladies, lace cut panty with straps on either side would be the flattering choice. These cuts will accentuate your hips and give the illusion of having more curves and a less boyish figure.Not all panties need to be super revealing. We strongly believe in knowing your limits, don't push yourself too far out of your comfort zone. If this is your first encounter on the lesser side of fabric, it would be wise of you took things slow. Try some bikini briefs blended with soft mesh. This look and smart and simple but at the same time sexy. If being subtle is not your strong suit, then we suggest you go out with a bang. The new C strings could be the perfect fit. They are bold, exude confidence and are easy to wear. They might look scary at first sight but trust us these cuts do not skimp in the comfort department. For those who are not a fan of the strings, there is still loads of sexy underwear that will still make you feel naughty. You do have the option of wearing descent amount of fabric but still be revealing. The big question is how do you turn any normal panty into a mouth-opening, eye shuttering sexy lingerie? The trick lies in the fabric. So whether it's women's briefs, hipster underwear, boy shorts, shapewears, waist cinchers or even plus-size underwear, a lace fabric blended with a mesh or without is all the revealing you need. Its comfy, soft to the skin, classy and definitely will ooze sex appeal if worn with confidence. The next time you go shopping visit the panty section with confidence. You'll never know what suits you till you try. You will definitely enjoy the search, trust us.