Spacer Bra - Is It Made For Everybody?

It takes research and loads of time to find the perfect bra, just ask any woman. The right bra must be comfortable and look good at the same time. Tight straps, poor support and flimsy materials are just a few problems women try to solve during their bra quest. There comes a spacer bra, made for exceptional comfort and smooth appearance underneath smooth tops.

What Is a Spacer Bra?

fabric used for spacer bra

Spacer Fabric in Bras

This innovative bra is built with a dual layer lightweight material with air pockets in between. It means the bra is breathable, provides ant-sweat comfort, but also offers a lot of support as the fabric, despite its lightweight construction, is strong and durable. During the heat season this bra is a God send. Sweat, in rather sensitive areas, is limited by this extraordinary invention. While cotton t-shirt bras offer similar features, they soak in sweat easily.

How Does Spacer Fabric Works?

One layer of spacer fabric absorbs the sweat and moves it to the middle air pockets area, leaving inner and outer layers dry. The spacer technology in bras also keeps the environmeant heat away from the body, leaving you feeling cool and comfortable. Thanks to amazing features, medical field uses spacer fabric in absorbent medical applications.

How Washing Changes Features Of a Spacer Bra?

Spacer bra is quite sturdy and doesn't demand hand wash, however it is sensitive to water temperature and friction. Some thicker spacer bras can wrinkle in the wash and go back to their original form once you wear it. Temperature can shrink the fabric without going back. What's interesting, after many washes spacer bra in more absorbent and efficient in keeping moist away.   

What's The Good Occasion For Wearing a Spacer Bra?

Most bras look a little structured underneath a t-shirt. Outlines and bulky padding show through the thin cotton material in glaring magnitude. This is embarrassing and frustrating to some women, who want to hide their underwear. With these points in mind, a spacer bra is the solution, next to classic cotton t-shirt bra. It is seamless, has cups not divided into sections and no matter what brand, it always comes in basic nude, white and black colors.

lise charmel spacer bra

Who Might Not Like a Spacer Bra at All?

There is one downside to even the greatest and most comfortable spacer bra. As they do give support and a bit of lift from the underwires and strong material, they do not shape the breasts at all. This is not a bra that will gather your wide breasts in bring them to the middle or will not make them round and full if you lack it naturally. Spacer bra offers rather natural look to your bust, either it is the way you like it or not.

Do Every Spacer Bra Feels The Same Against Your Body?

Spacer bras vary like any other bra. There are ones with bigger air pockets in between layers and those are most lightweight (you can see the light go through in a bright room), and more textured ones. When you shop online it is hard to say which one you are about to buy, but the easiest way would be to ask through customer service about the weight of the particular bra size you are interested.

Is Spacer Bra Something Like Memory Foam Bra?

No! Memory foam bra is a foamy bra and has nothing to do with spacer fabric. It is not breathable whatsoever, feels bulgy and hot. Foamy bras are good as push-ups offering extreme lift.

spacer sports bra

Who Made The First Spacer Bra Ever?

The initial try at the spacer bra technology is Prima Donna within their Satin Collection. The line heralds the "less is more" motto. Spacer fabric is compared to satin (which it is not, obviously) as it was a brand new quality in the way an underwire bra is felt against woman's body. Is seamless and simple, making you look good in a t-shirt. Spacer bras can also have simple embellishmeants, such as small bows, on each strap and in the center between the two cups. It is always great if other brands follow the steps if it is for the benefit of women worldwide. You can go for Lise Charmel Essential Fit Spacer Bra  or Flex Spacer Sports Bra from ASICS.

The material and shape of this bra provides comfort and ultimate protection during physical activities. At Lacy Hint you can find Vena's Adriana Beige Spacer Bra, Adriana Black Spacer Bra and Evon White Spacer Bra from Ava Lingerie. Spacer bra is definitely a type of lingerie you need to try first to see if it is an option for you. Women often fall into one of the categories: either love it or hate it. Women who love spacer bras are usually those, who don't mind basic colors in their underwear drawer and often wear tight t-shirts. They need a practical bra and are not fond of lace embellishmeants and prints. Those who can't get used to the fabric tend to describe it as stiff and not attractive. It is up to you if you decide to give it a try!