The Most Important Part of Your Bra

Not surprisingly most women think the most important component of the bra is the strap.  That is actually not the truth, the most important part of your bra is the band. A bra band takes 80% of the weight of your bust, not the straps. Bra Band Size The band size is determined by the inches underneath your breast around your whole back.  Here are 2 methods to figure out your band size.

  1. Bring the measuring tape around your back to the front, keeping it under the arms and bringing it up across to the middle of your chest (see image). If you get an odd number, round up to the next even number to get your band size.
  1. Measure across the bottom of your band, directly under the bust and across your rib-cage. Make sure to keep your measuring tape straight around the back to front. Again, if you get an odd number, round up to the next even number to get your band size.

Although both of these methods will give you a number to go by when shopping for your bra. Just like when buying a pair of shoes your measurement  or size may not be the answer to finding the perfect bra, the fit and how it makes you feel should be the deciding factor.  Try on that bra! Does it hold you secure when you jump up and down? Does it not pinch your skin? If the answer is yes, then buy that bra!

Second Most Important Part of Your Bra

I am sure most of you thought the second most important part of the bra is the cups. Wrong again! I know it was shocking for us as well. Another tricky part of cup measurements is the math problem you must solve to determine your exact size.  Wait, what math?

  1. Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust, with the tape straight across and around your back, bringing it to the front.
  1. Subtract your band measurement (from step 1) from this bust measurement. The difference calculates your bra size- each inch represents a cup size. For example, if you measure a 34 inch band size, and a 36 inch cup size, the difference is 2: which would indicate a B cup.

If you are wearing the wrong cup size your breast will spill over and not in a good way. What About the Bra Strap? As the band takes 80% of the bust weight, the straps serve to take the remaining 20%. If you bra strap is leaving marks on your body it can be adjusted.There is no way to measure the size or length of your bra strap so making adjustments as your body changes and the fabric of your stretches is the best way to ensure a proper comfortable fit. At the end of the day we all want out bras to keep us secure to feel good and to avoid the ever annoying back fat issue.  If your bra is sized right you will and your breasts are sure to by happy and feel comfortable in anything from a fitted t-shirt to a slinky blouse.