The Ultimate Bra Buying Guide for Women with Asymmetrical Breasts

Having asymmetrical breasts, even if it is something not dramatically noticeable, can be challenging for any woman and something that seems almost impossible to overcome for women whose different in size between one breast and the other is a half cup or more. Not only upper clothes never seem to look elegant and sexy but buying a bra can be really difficult. And this is why we’re offering this bra buying guide for women with asymmetrical breasts. If you have asymmetrical breasts, you are not alone and lingerie manufacturers know it. There are different remedies you can try to balance out the appearance of unevenly sized breasts such as paddings but before trying any of them it is essential that you have your bra size determined correctly.

Bra Buying Guide:  Where Should You Start

To begin with, in this bra buying guide will tackle the issue of which breast should be given priority when buying a bra: one of them is bigger than the other one but you can only wear a bra. Should your bra fit your bigger or your smaller breast? The answer is quite simple: always buy a bra that fits your larger breast. Let’s see why:

  1. It is easier to add padding to the smaller breast so that both breasts look even.
  2. The cup size should provide enough support for the larger breast. If the cup is too small, your breast can ache not to meantion that the exceeding breast tissue will spill over the cup’s fabric _what can ruin your look completely!

Bra Buying Guide: Measuring is Essential

The second issue we’ll tackle in this bra buying guide is the importance of measuring your breasts correctly to find the bra that fits you best. Even if you have already had your breasts professionally measured, it is advisable that you have them measured again in case you’ve gained or lost weight or you have been recently pregnant or breastfeeding. Most lingerie stores have staff that can help you with this. In order to do it right, make sure that the professional measures the circumference of the chest underneath your breasts. That is to say, place the metric tape where the underband of the bra should lie. In order to measure the cup size, in this bra buying guide we’ll suggest you to bring the tape around the back and overlap it in front of the chest at the widest area. Take note of the measuremeant. Then you should subtract the chest measuremeant from the measuremeant of the widest part of the chest. Use that result to convert the inches into cup sizes.

Bra Buying Guide: Solutions For Different Bra Sizes

In this bra buying guide we have already discussed which breast should be considered when buying a bra and which is the correct way to get the right size of your breasts. Now, in this bra buying guide will discuss the different alternatives that are currently available in the market to establish a symmetrical appearance between your two breasts.

Bra Buying Guide: Coping With Slightly Asymmetrical Breasts

If you have slightly asymmetrical breasts using a padded bra will not solve all your problems. It will make your smaller breast look bigger but it will also increase the size of your larger one and, of course, your breasts will be padded and uneven again. Since what you are looking for is to camouflage the difference between your breasts, in this bra buying guide we suggest you to purchase a padded bra with lined cups. Their flexible lining will make your breasts look even. Investing in a bra with removable pads can also be a solution since you can add one or two pads to the smaller breast in order to create a sense of proportion.

Bra Buying Guide: Coping With Noticeably Asymmetrical Breasts

When the difference in size between your breasts is of a cup or more, you can rely on a number of specialized products that have been created to address this issue. For instance, foam breast pads or silicone breast pads and forms are soft, give a natural look and help to  make your breasts look even. In this bra buying guide we’ve provided helpful tips and information for women with uneven breasts. As it can be appreciated, it is a problem that affects many women and fortunately it has been addressed by the lingerie industry. Finding a bra for you can be difficult but it is not impossible. Good luck!