What is The Most Expensive Lingerie in The World?

The satin finish strap of the gorgeous Victoria's Secret or the lace frill of the Darjeeling brands creates a trance and a profound sense of beauty. Just imagine the smooth finish of the extraordinary lingerie; they are the top notch brands that have managed to steal the hearts of the affluent. Have you ever imagined that lingerie that adorn your body on a daily basis can be bejeweled with diamonds and all other colorful gem stones? Well, it’s surely possible in the mystifying world of fashion. Festooned lingerie decked with tantalizing diamonds are capable to replace the normal ornameants in one’s safety box. Just imagine storing your lingerie in a safety vault instead of a wardrobe! Isn’t it exciting and seems a little impossible too! These basic necessities have transformed into the most ornameantal and ardent beauty of all time.

People love to flaunt sexy, over priced lingerie’s which were once considered to be a sense of the bourgeoisie. In the early days lingerie were something to hide beneath the hefty petticoats or gowns, they were not something to exhibit. Hence, the creators of these lovely undergarmeants did not evolve as real sense designers. They mainly focused on the comfort part of the lingerie’s whereas the fashionable part was totally left untouched. But, gone are the days when a peek a boo into the lingerie world was considered to be an unpleasant task. Designers have evolved and so are their masterpiece creations. People have learned to acknowledge the true beauty of these little intimate apparels,they are not something to flaunt about but they surely do manifest the inner beauty of a person. It’s not a crime to feel beautiful from the inside out even if no one is noticing the undergarmeants. It is something for your own self. Everything is not meant for appreciation and applause from the whole world, similarly a gorgeous pair of lingerie needs no appreciation of the surrounding people. They are merely meant to beautify the body and the inner being. Thus, the extravagant cost of a designer pair of lingerie is meant for your personalized beauty and this itself justifies the huge amount of money that a group of affluent is ready to spend on an ultra expensive intimate set.

victorias secret most expensive bra

The release of the Diamond fantasy bra of the Victoria’s Secret line of fashion created the most scintillating ripples in the world of intimate apparel. The exorbitant price tag of 2.5 million dollars became the heartthrob of the fashion world. It’s needless to meantion that this masterpiece creation was all decked in glittering diamonds and sapphires. Intimates house designers are using the finest quality of silk and muslin imported from the far off lands to create the most befitting pieces of lingerie which once worn can never be forgotten. The most expensive lingerie in the world is notoriously priced and it’s almost as valuable as a piece of jewelry.

most expensive lingerie in the world

The most expensive intimate apparel in the world is certainly elusive. It’s even hard to imagine that an intimate can reach the pinnacle of a whopping million of dollars! Take for instance the 150 carats of perfect diamonds woven to form the Susan Rosens bikini; it is worth 30 million dollars. Oh! Yeah simple mortals like us may not ever imagine the price tag in our dreams! The exquisite masterpiece is comprised of a 30 carat emerald cut diamond, 15 carats round cuts and 51 carats pear shaped diamonds. This sexy piece is surely a masterpiece emergence in the world of lingerie.

most expensive lingerie with jewelry

The sizzling scarlet satin bra adorned with glittering diamonds and rubies constitute to form the most expensive bra in the whole world. The 15 million dollars worth "Red Hot Fantasy" is designed by Victoria’s Secret and is decorated with a total of 1,300 gemstones. Well, leaving aside the perfection of the hottest red bra let’s proceed to the vagabond world of fashion. Harrods’s in London once demonstrated the play suit festooned with Swarovski crystals designed by Agent Provocateur and the price tag was worth meantioning, a whopping 24,000 British pounds. This hand-made beauty was worth every single penny and it magnificently adorned the shelf in one of the world’s most expensive retail stores. Gold is not always meant for designing jewelry. Even the sexiest piece of lingerie can be carved from this upper ductile yellow metal. The ornameant store situated in The Shenyang city in China hosted the ornameantal piece of a lingerie set ever carved from 950 grams of pure yellow gold. The price was unbeatable, 260,000 $. The versatility of gold beyond the world of jewelry is surely not known to many and a piece of intimate apparel designed from this precious metal is beyond imagination. The most expensive lingerie is surely not the most comfortable one, neither can they ever be worn beneath an outfit but they are a constant reminder of the unifying creation of the mortals.