What You Wear Underneath Your Clothes Matters?

In your world, everything is energy, and energy is creating your current reality. If you feel good you will look good, so what you wear underneath your clothes matters. If you are wearing panties with holes in them and a bra that no longer supports or fits you properly, what type of energy are you creating for yourself? What are you saying about how you feel about yourself? What are you telling your body how you feel about it? Positive energy is good, taking care of yourself and making a statement with your lingerie is a great way to show and project a positive vibe every day.  Regardless if you are a fashionista with a high profile job, or a stay at home mom what if underneath your clothes can make you feel a certain way.  Feeling sexy is just good for your psyche.  So even if you are not in a steamy love affair you should wear sexy lingerie because it makes YOU feel good about yourself.  The right bra can make you feel sexy no matter what you are covering it up with. Did you know that women in France spend 20% of their clothing budget on lingerie? Think about the money that you spend on trendy shoes or the one coveted purse you just have to have.  For French women lingerie is a staple in their closets.  If a woman is wearing something beautiful underneath her clothing, she sends a very powerful message to herself and the world, and we see it as confidence and mystique. In La Seduction, Elaine Sciolino says that French women dress themselves (lingerie included) to send the message:  “I am on a high plane, in control of my destiny and my beauty.  I am not easy to attain.  Do you think you are up to my standard?  If no, stay away. If yes, come and try to get me.”  While France is the land of seduction, many of my French girlfriends have seconded that lingerie is worn to make them feel good.  If a guy gets lucky enough to see it, then he should consider himself blessed. I am not sure American women are treating themselves to something sexy underneath, but maybe it is time that we should.  Maybe it is time to buy a new bra. Freshen up your panty drawer with a few new items.  Wear them underneath your clothes and feel sexy again.  Good energy in, good energy out!