When Your Bra is Too Tight?

Bras are uncomfortable period. There is no better feeling in the whole galaxy akin to taking your brassiere off after a long hard day spent in lockup. The time our breasts spend in boob jail can be lessened from being in solitary confinemeant to chilling in a holding cell where they let you go with a stern warning to behave. In this article there is going to be no meantion of those god awful ‘Bra Size Calculators’, as they create more confusion than clarity, what will be communicated through this piece is common sense, something we all have but in times of turmoil and bra torture we tend to forego.

The Obvious Signs

It’s easy to tell if a bra is too tight if any of the following problems haunt you too:

  1. The straps dig into the shoulders and leave dents
  2. The band at your back rides up
  3. The under-wire tries to stab you to an early death
  4. The fabric connecting the bra cups, doesn’t lie flat across sternum


A Strappy Situation

Our breasts change sizes depending on what hormonal and chemical changes are happening inside the body at any given time, for example PMS, ever noticed how the twins are more sensitive and engorged a week before your period? Try loosening or tightening up your bra straps before discarding it as useless. A bra can get stretched out after many washes or after its been through much wear and tear, if after adjusting the straps it’s not providing the required support, go out and buy a new one.

Say No To Fat Rolls

One of the most obvious (and painful) signs of having a bra that’s too tight is getting those unattractive bulges around the back strap. No it’s not ‘back fat’, it’s literally just the band squeezing the skin. Try going for a bra with a wider band, or use the first line of hooks instead of the last.

Do Judge A Bra By Its Price

We all have budgets we need to stick too but your breasts simply can’t handle your penny pinching habits when it comes to bras. Don’t expect to like a million bucks in a $5 bra. Cheap bras may work when you’re in a pinch but the cups will shrivel up and get wrinkly after one wash. There aren’t a lot of sizing options available in a very limited dollar amount, and to buy a good bra is definitely an investmeant, so either go big or go home in a bra that will make you sad and your boobs look downright depressing.

Go To A Bra Professional

We’ve all read magazine articles, have tried the aforemeantioned ‘bra calculators’ and have listened to our pockets whilst buying bras, but there is no match for an expert. Getting professionally measured is a must for any human with mammary glands, they’ll help to ease all bra related problems. There is no need to be shy or embarrassed, as checking out and fitting is their job. Studies indicate that about 80% of women wear the wrong bra size and that is terrible. A good bra can make a woman look 5 pounds lighter, gives a body more shape and an overall slimmer look. A well-fitting brassiere will improve posture which in turn bolsters confidence. Because, when you look good, you feel good!