Why Some Bras Make You Feel Uncomfortable?

We all know the feeling when we get home wearing an uncomfortable bra and can't wait to just reach back and unhook the clasp on our bra and let the breasts out of the day long constraint or even pain. It does not have to be that way. Many women suffer from what I call "misfit syndrome".  A simple lesson in fitting a bra properly can solve all the issues. If you buy a beautiful pair of shoes and the size is not right you would be complaining too. That's why you should always make sure that they are the right size. The same goes for bras. A bra that's wrong in size will not feel right and can be a cause of many discomfort problems or even medical problems.

bra fitting tips

Cups too small

There are two measuremeants that complemeant each other: a cup size and band size. If those two measuremeants are not perfectly matched you will get an uncomfortable bra. In our store I see many women that come in and wear the wrong size of bra. Women resort to wearing a much larger band size so that it fits loose. Guess what, if you can put a fist in between your body and your bra band there is no point of wearing that bra. The bra with band too loose will cause that band to ride up all the time, that's when you see women with the bra band on the back way above the top of the low cut dress. It won't give you the support and it will let your breasts swing around without any control.

how to choose a well fitting bra

Cups too small

Either it is a full coverage bra or a balcony bra, it  should hold your breasts straight forward without an ability to swing sideways. The band should lay snug around your body so that it can have a chance to provide the support as its designed to do. Next thing you should look at is the cup size especially with wired bras. The wire end of the bra should fit exactly around the bottom line of your breast and stop on the flat rib cage, not on the breast tissue.

Qualities of an uncomfortable bra

If your breast sticks out under the bra, it is too small. If the end of the wire ends on the far end of your breast, the bra is too small. If the wire goes beyond the bottom line of the breast under your armpit the bra is too big. If your breasts are floating out of the top of the bra creating a top bump the bra is too small. If the bra sticks out on top of your breast and does not lay exactly along your natural shape the cup of that bra, it is most likely too big.

brafitting expert

Bra band too loose. Most likely bra cups too.

Final check to avoid an uncomfortable bra is the bra shoulder straps. In good fitting bras the strap should be wider when it comes to the larger sizes. A wider strap will not cut in to your shoulders and will not cause discomfort while supporting you. The strap adjustmeants are there for a reason. Adjust the straps to give you the lift that your breasts deserve and to let all the fabric on the cup outstretch to the designated position. Your breasts should not hang below your band size (!!!)

fitting bra band and cups

Bra band way too loose. Grr.

These are simple check points that you can do to see if your bra was made for you or will it be an uncomfortable bra. There is no excuse why should you wear something that does not fit you properly. I found that an inexperienced sales person will try to give you a bigger band so that it can compensate for the smaller cup size. This is a big no no. The bra may look good at the time of fitting but after wearing it for couple of hours you will certainly hate it.

Bras are very personal and as a woman you should know these basic check points to feel good in a bra. Buying a wireless bra is an easy way out, but what suffers in that choice is your look. A wireless bra does not give you support as a wired bra and lets face it, looking good equals feeling amazing. If you have any questions don't hesitate to commeant below. I would be glad to answer them and pass on the knowledge.