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AVA Lingerie – A Polish lingerie designer established in 1998 that has been catering to women with the “focus on the individual needs of each woman”. AVA lingerie provides unique and unrepeatable styles which are usually modeled by bigger size models. AVA Lingerie is known to make top quality products that come in a wide range of sizes. AVA Lingerie gained its popularity throughout Europe by releasing new styles every 6 months where each style provides the same exceptional support and shape to small and large breasted women. 

A one common feature in all bras by Ava is the 3-part cup construction made to create an uplift and rounder shape of the breast area. Especially women with heavy breast will appreciate the bottom vertical seam, together with the diagonal one to give an excellent support and prevent natural breast sagging. Ava makes lingerie with the newest innovative sewing machines, that minimize the seams appearance. Every 6 months Ava releases a new collection of full cups made of fabrics printed with many interesting designs. A big portions of those bras come with single or multicolored lace on the upper cup. Fabric colors suprise women in every collection, as they are carefully picked by AVA makers. You can find lingerie in salmon pink, mocha beige or refreshing lilac shade of purple. 

As AVA Lingerie focuses on comfort need of every woman, the do make a very good quality bras and panties. The stitching on the bras is doubled to extend the life time of the bras. The straps are wider with bigger sizes, so are the bra bands. Larger sizes also have additional row of hook and eye closure for secure fit.

Panties by Ava lingerie are very characteristic and well recognized by European women. Front of the panties are either embellished with beautiful lace or sleek smooth fabric. The back of the panties are most of the times made of completely sheer stretch mesh fabric that matches the front. Women who wear Ava panties can enjoy the breathable sheer style without revealing too much on front. 

We like AVA’s products and we see that our clients are happy after the purchase. Lacy Hint recommends and stands by AVA Lingerie.

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