Bra size G and H - Who Should Wear Them?

Bra size G an H are the bra sizes that seem to be in higher demand than ever. No, it is not because women's breasts get bigger nowadays. The reason is striking - most of the small bra stores and bra boutique owners are trained in professional bra fitting. That helps to pick the proper bra size for each woman. If you shop in such places, you get the opportunity to take time and be well measured for the right fitting bra. From my bra fitting experience it also looks like many women who come to the store wearing a bra cup D or DD, should actually go up by 2 or 3 cup sizes. Bra size G and H cups became the hot bestsellers as they provide the true comfort comparing to wearing bra that is too small.

What are the chances that you should actually wear a bra size G or size H?

It is very possible that you are one of those women who are squeezed in a D cup bra instead of being able to fully enjoy a bigger sized bra. From my working experience, about 70% of women walking into the store, stating that her bra size is a D or DD cup, should indeed wear a G or H cup bra. It often becomes a huge surprise to them and they react with disbelief, until I let them try one of those bras on.

bra size G

Guide on how to measure yourself at home you can find here. If you noticed that you are rather a small framed woman, with tiny or rather small rib cage, but clearly with a full bust - there is a huge chance that you should drop that 36DD bra and grab a bra size G with a 32 band. The smaller band will hold the bra better and the bigger cup will allow the full breast to sit comfortably inside of the cups. This is just an example. If you believe that you are a D cup woman and think that a bra size G cup must be a "really" big size, you might be very wrong. Many women do not try the bigger cup on, thinking "I am not that big". It really does not matter what is considered small or big, you should get measured and follow the advice of a bra fitter. 

If you wear a size D or DD because you didn't even know that bigger sizes exist, you are more likely to be one of those lucky size H girls. If you didn't know such size exists, you probably never got measured in the fitting room. There is a big chance you need a bigger size of a bra that you have on now. If you wear a D or DD cup bra and find it uncomfortable, you are most likely wearing the wrong size. There is a big chance your bra cup should be bigger and your band size smaller to stop the discomfort coming from underwires or bra cups cutting your skin.

bra size g h

Nori sheer bra available in: 32G, 32H; 34G, 34H; 36G, 36H; 38G, 38H; 40G, 40H; 42G, 42H.

If you are rather a big busted woman and tend to shop for bras in departmeant stores or places such as Walmart and Target, you are most likely wearing the wrong size and your bra size DD is the biggest one you can find in those places. Big stores without professional fitting aid carry only "most popular cup sizes" like B, C, D and DD. They do not go beyond that and for that reason chances that you should wear bra size G or size H are much higher. From what I experience every day, G cup is "the most popular cup size". If you shop at Victoria's Secret that carries sweet and sexy styles in cups up to DD or some styles up to DDD, there is no way you can find out about a need to wear a G cup and higher. At VS they will never tell you that your true cup size is bigger than what they have. If you are for example a 34G woman, they will advice you to buy a 38D bra. The pink store is creating a big misunderstanding in what a real bra fitting is all about. It is about the comfort of the customer, not about the sales.

Is it possible to wear a bra size G cup and still look attractive?

If you know that you should wear a bra size G, H or even higher, but you stick to a DD or DDD ones, it might be because of the belief that anything bigger comes in ugly "grandma like" styles. No more! It might had been a truth years ago, however big bra designed with fantasy in Europe have all the beautiful features of a classy or sexy bra. They might be a bit more expensive due to the use of high quality supportive fabrics. The good quality fabrics and well thought designs are meant to create the modern and slim look. Often low shelf bras create the bulges and make you feel big and unattractive. Shop online to have access to the European brands or find out where they are sold in your local area.