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Gabrielle by Fantasie – Time for All New Bras

Bras can symbolize feminine allure or repression of female sexuality to some. To be seen or not to be seen, depending on the way it feels and supports, a bra can make all the difference in your day. Shopping for them can be challenging.

To me a bra should feel comfortable like it’s not there, but better than the feeling of boulders knocking around as I work and play. A perfect bra to me is one that gives great support but is so stylish I would feel comfortable wearing it in public like a sun-bathing suit.lace no wire bra beige

I was measured recently for proper bust size and I learned that I’m a size 32J not a 36C. That’s a far cry from what I believed for years. Bust size in our culture is every bit as significant for a woman’s self-esteem as a jock cup size is to a man’s ego so I’m thrilled at the prospect of filling those J cups with my endowmeants. Now I’ve got to go shopping for all new bras that fit properly not just for my appearance but also for my health.

Poor fitting bras not only look worse but they can ruin your posture and lead to complicated health issues of the spine and consequently chronic pain. A monumeantal dilemma considering I’ve got quite a collection of bras now for every occasion from maximum support for extreme sports to light support for housework; and, from fine lace and satin dress sets for upscale and formal looks to sexy boudoir lingerie. To replace them all at once would cost a small fortune. I could surely run down to Walmart and pick-up some Maidenform or Hanes light support and sports bras in my new size for under $40. I could also check out the Victoria’s Secret sales for a few sexy boudoir sets at a fraction of the full prices. What about my sexy $200 designer lingerie by Aubade I bought in the little boutique on le Rue D’Atibes on vacation in Cannes? Oy, and my favorite bra of all, my lavender Gabrielle by Fantasie.

I don’t mind wearing underwires sometimes but there’s nothing more comfortable than a full cup without underwires. They are extremely hard to find unless they are designed for nursing and then usually in very boring colors and fabrics.

My Gabrielle, model FL6330, is lined with soft cotton and designed for comfort. It has full lacy cups and lace trimmed adjustable straps, too. The straps also stretch giving all the extra support I need but doesn’t look or feel like a support bra. It’ll cost at least $50 if I can find it on sale, $70 full price, if I can find it at all in my proper size.

I’ll be sure to buy a few of them so I have a variety of colors to choose from when I find them. If I’m lucky there may be some on sale for Christmas, too.

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